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"The shadow is the person we'd rather not be..." - Carl Jung

Each and every one of us are made up of many different parts. We are not only one thing. Our shadow is the parts of us that we do not feel are safe to show, either to ourselves or others.

Society often demands and expects that we present only our best attributes. We are told by our parents authorities to be "good" people, which usually just means, being what those people want at that particular moment. 

Because of this early socialisation we bury, repress, avoid or even ignore many of the very real aspects of ourselves.

Shadow work is the process of bringing these personalities into awareness and integrating them, rather than scolding them for their very existence. 

If you've ever heard the cliche "you only dislike in others what you dislike in yourself", you are already familiar with the concept on a superficial level.

Shadow work has the potential to bring about healing to our fragmented parts, but accepting them as our own. It is a deeply spiritual and psychological process that can be undertaken yourself or better still with the help of an experienced facilitator.

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