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Humans are the only creature on the planet that forget to breathe properly. Naturally, it is an automatic function but because we are conscious beings, we have given meaning to our breath. We are aware of it and the signals it gives ourselves and others.

This means that all too often we breathe self-consciously, lazily or not deep enough. The Autonomic nervous system forces us to breathe, but it also listens to our breath. We can control it!

Learning to master your breath may seem like a daunting task but the benefits are huge. Breathing slowly and with control from the diaphragm sends positive messages back to the brain and in turn, quietens the sympathetic nervous system, relieving anxiety and stress.

It is all too easy for poor breathing to become habitual and if the "protected breath" experienced during trauma becomes the status quo, the body can may be short of oxygen, resulting in poor sleep quality, sleep apnea, stress, fatigue and many other symptoms.

Breath is your life energy, the alchemic symbol 'air' and known as Qi in eastern practices.

Exercises to help:

  • Tai Qi

  • Qi Gong

  • Mindful breathing

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