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Image by Ben Sweet


It is easy to believe we are who we are. "I'm the type of person that..." is the precursor to many statements we make about ourselves on a daily basis. But who made us? We are raised by mothers and fathers, who even when acting in what they believe to be the best interests of their children are guaranteed to leave both positive and negative influences upon us. We are socialised by systems and structures that reveal their cracks under the eyes of even faint scrutiny. We are awash with criticisms, confusion and paradoxes before we can even write our own names.

Being truly authentic is ironically the one thing that is never taught, or even really encouraged. Moreover, the messages we so often receive are conflicting: "you can be whatever you want to be... but not that", "Be yourself...but do all of these things", "Think differently...but make sure your views are in line with the majority".

It is difficult to 'break the mould' if you are supported by the machine that makes the mould!

Society has this funny way of celebrating the mavericks of the past, all the while frantically attempting to herd the present populous into 'normality'.

When you start unpicking the reasons for what you like, want, appreciate, dislike, fear and believe, you give permission for your authentic self to BE. This is the first step in letting go of resistance in your mind, body and spirit.

So what's the caveat? Anytime anybody "goes against the grain" they are likely to be met with resistance from others. This translates as dislike, avoidance and at worst, demonisation.

However, this process is a fantastic exercise in streamlining the people in your life that love you for you, instead of their preconceptions and expectations of you.


So yes, being yourself is one of the scariest things you can do but in doing so, you will reconnect with your sovereignty. You are putting yourself in alignment, which in turn will enable you to safely grow confidence and conviction in your own actions, beliefs and sense of purpose and direction.

Start finding out who you really are today, little by little. You'll probably find out that you are pretty awesome!

Exercises to help:

  • Mirror work

  • Shadow work

  • Counselling

  • Journalling 

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