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Image by Joyce McCown


The mind/body relationship has been researched, theorised and put into practice by many healing modalities the better part of a century. Frustratingly though, it is still yet to filter through to the general practitioners and physicians that the public have common access to.

This represents a problem, because most ailments and conditions, if treated as a symptom of the whole human being, can easily be cured (or better still prevented) by acknowledging the mind body relationship.

We're all too familiar with how our body sends messages to our brain through pleasure, pain, temperature etc, but less prepared to admit that the conversation can happen in reverse.

The truth is, the body is the hardware, your mind the software and the spirit is the electricity that powers it all. Start taking note on what your body says to you, because it is probably speaking loud and clear!

We know from the "placebo effect" that your mind can change the experience of the body. We also know that "phantom limb syndrome" can manifest pain to a body part that no longer exists. 


Colitis, chronic pelvic pain, tension, and asthma are but a few examples of physical ailments, all commonly manifested by mental trauma. 

The chakra system and meridian lines that the east have been using for centuries offer excellent insights into the complications and much misunderstood relationships between body and mind.

To approach this externally...start noticing how other people hold their bodies. What experiences do you think have helped to sculpt their physical form. Now, what does your body say? If you were completely honest can you correlate any negative life experiences with ailments or postures?

To approach it can simply start a conversation with parts of your body. Start with the heart, or another important organ and simply ask questions, lovingly and compassionately. Talk to it as a friend and try not to pre-judge the answers it gives. Be present with it.

Exercises to help:

  • Body dialogue

  • Body scans

  • Chakra healing

  • Meditation

  • Counselling

  • Sensual focus

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